Introduction/First Post

With the 20% Project, I am required to choose a goal of my choice to complete by January, 2016 and spend 20% of my class time working on it. My goal is one I’ve always wanted to do but until now, couldn’t work up the  motivation for: writing the first draft of a book.

I’ve written short stories before, most only being a page or two in length, the longest consisting of 7 parts and an epilogue, all of which were 3-7 pages in length. I also had a plan to write a sequel series, but the idea sort of fell through. Ever since I’ve loved writing, but every idea I had I would plan out for ages but never get around to writing very much. With this I expect the pressure of having to reach a certain goal before a certain date will inspire me to put my fingers to the keys a lot more.

As part of the project, I’m required to have an implementation plan, which doesn’t really consist of much. The majority of my plan is writing and editing, the only other things I’d need to do are getting a better idea of who my characters are and a little story outlining. After that all I do is write, write, and write some more with a little editing and re-reading sprinkled in.

When I found out I could use this as my goal for this project, I was ecstatic. Like I said previously, I love writing but could barely bring myself to actually write anything at all.  My first thought was that this would end up being my most memorable and favorite assignment from high school. I mean I’ve had one other assignment like this, but it was still too limiting, so I’m extremely excited for this.

All that’s left to say is I should be ready to begin outlining the story next week, and if I’m fast enough begin writing the same week or the week after.


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