Even Robots Could Write Better.

One thing that’ll really find myself getting caught on a lot is my style of writing. I always feel like it’s stale and plain. I mean here it’s really not that hard since it’s really just a portion of my inner monologue, so I can just type as I think and usually leave it at that.

But with writing I feel like I’m using the same words all the time or having everyone talk with the same inflection, or like they’re not different enough as characters (though that last part I’ve been doing better with.)

It’s weird to explain, since this isn’t really something I’ve really thought about, but mostly kinda “felt.”

It honestly feels really repetitive. I keep getting stuck when I’m working on getting into that flow that I keep mentioning. I’m at a point where I can kind of hit it if I keep writing long enough, but I’m never writing for long enough. Lab sessions I designate as writing labs aren’t long enough when I’m constantly checking the clock, and when I have 20% time in class it’s especially hard on an iPad since they kind of lag behind when I type fast. Plus recently I’ve been spending most, if not all of my lab time working on late assignments.

I guess the fix is do most of my writing at home when I have at least an hour available, but I really want to do some of my writing at school since it kind of serves as a sort of break between all the math and English assignments. And I’m not going to lie, I can get pretty distracted at home, which is why I’ve also been doing a lot of writing in the library.

But then the library closes at 4, and it’s also where I’ve been catching up on that late work too. I don’t know. If we end up doing this 20% project next semester (which I really kind of hope we do) I can use it as an opportunity to continue and keep working on my book.

I’ve gotten off track. I always feel like I sound so robotic when I write and I’m not like, “in the zone” or whatever. It’s weird. And I can’t think of anything else to write, and this post is past due, so I’m just gonna go ahead and post it.


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