“Some Sort of Fitting Title”

So I guess  my previous posting was somewhat depressing, or at least on my end it was. I really did enjoy the break that writing the book would give me, and as I stated in a previous blog posting it kind of reignited my love of writing. I think what really went wrong was that I hadn’t done enough planning.

When I was initially considering this as my goal, I was debating between making it 100% of my first draft done or just 60-75%, which would allow me more time to plan and outline what would happen and who it would happen to. All I really had to start with was that one scene that song left me with and however it had developed by the time I began to write. I think if we don’t have another 20% project for 2nd semester, I’d like to sideline this story and develop it more and work on another story I’ve been developing and turning over in my mind for much longer. I know I definitely don’t want to abandon writing again. I can feel myself getting better and learning more with each letter typed and each sentence rewritten and edited.

I am really happy I could use this as my goal in the end, however, even if I didn’t necessarily meet my goal. Going into this year, I knew I’d have a class where once a week I’d spend a day job-shadowing a company in a field I’d like to study in college. I decided that whether I’d go to a fashion company or something writing-related would be what I’d end up studying. Obviously with the slim pickings for creative writing, I ended up choosing fashion as what I’d shadow, but this project aided me in realizing just how much I’d love to become an author, and gave me an idea of how difficult it’ll really be.

I feel like that last paragraph ended abruptly, but I’ve never been good with writing concluding sentences.

I guess now all that’s left to worry about for this project are the remaining blogs and the dreaded “Ted Talk” where I have to stand and talk for five minutes straight. I already have an okay outline going but I have no idea how I’m going to stretch it to five minutes or stop “uh” “um” and “like” every other word. Once a friend of mine was able to count every time I said like within a three minute window of me talking, and if I remember correctly he counted at least 28. I mean the pitch/gallery walk was bad enough, and those required me to either talk for nowhere near as long or be answering questions.

The only reason I’m not backing  out of it entirely is because I know everyone else has to do the same.

After my first three postings I found that while I write I can usually come up with some sort of fitting title, but nothing’s come to me for this one. And wow, a blog post actually submitted on time. How did I manage that? It doesn’t feel like I had to force myself to write so I could get it in on time either.

Also I just noticed there’s a word counter in the corner of the screen. Who knew I could actually write 583 words so easily. Maybe I should make this whole blogging online thing a habit. Maybe I could turn that into a book. It’d definitely be easier to write, that’s for sure.


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