Where’d the idea come from?

Music is probably the biggest inspiration in my life. There’s no better way to describe where the idea for this all started than to say it came from a song. The sound of it, the way it was used in the show it’s from, the way it made me feel, all of that and so much more combined to create a single character that I hope can accurately represent it all. Her looks, a general feeling of how she acted, and the smallest sense of where I wanted her story to begin and end.

From there I listened to all of the other songs from the show and they were able to help me place events on a mental timeline and develop the main character even more. I know it’s somewhat cliche? At least to me, it feels like it is, saying all your inspiration comes from music, but it’s the truth.

It was about a year ago that I first heard the song and from there I’ve had plenty of time to let the idea fester in my mind, and I feel it’s finally ready to take a crack at putting my pen to the paper (or to be more accurate, my fingers to the keys).

I do feel I should share the song that kicked the idea off, and that’s “Dandy in Love” from Space Dandy. Though I’d like to forewarn that the calmer nature of the song and its title doesn’t accurately represent the insanity and mostly crude humor that makes up a majority of the show. The english dub did air on Adult Swim after all, so maybe take precaution and do a little research on the show if you’re thinking about watching it (which should it suit your tastes I’d greatly recommend).