Thinking in Written Form.


I’m back.

I kinda always intended to come back. It doesn’t look like we’re doing another “20% project” this semester, and this is no longer for a grade, so I don’t really know why I’ve returned.

It just kind of always felt nice to get my thoughts and feelings out into written form, kind of helped me process them.

Plus I really don’t want to abandon writing again, so I think I might stick around.

I doubt I’ll be posting as often, since this isn’t a weekly grade anymore, and I never had any readers aside from my teacher, but I would like to come back and continue to “think in written form,” I guess.

I’d like to continue writing, but I feel like a full fledged book was a bit ambitious on my part. I should probably start much smaller, writing short stories or series until I can handle writing longer things. I do have a few ideas, one of which came about while playing the Sims 4 Vampires, but it seems everyone and their mother has written a supernatural love story. Though mine was somewhat inspired by Carmilla, both the book and web series, in that it involves lesbians.

Ah yes, the human/vampire romance trope.

Should be fun.

And since it was based off of a Sims game I kind of have some of it fleshed out, too. Though the most I’ve done with it is draw the two main characters, Lucia and…. “To Be Named.”

I picked the name Lucia specifically for it’s somewhat bloody background, that of Saint Lucia of Syracuse, who had her eyes gouged out and was made a martyr.

Should go without saying, but that’ll be the vampire’s name.

Or maybe it’ll be more fun to make that the human’s name.

Who knows.

Oh right, I’m supposed to.


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