Initial Idea

This page mostly exists so I can describe the initial idea of where I wanted my story to go and to keep track of how much it changes. I’d also like to post a few drawings of how I want the characters to look once I finish them.

The very first idea, as I stated on my inspiration page, was a character inspired by a song. Her name is Amelia, and when I first drew her all I knew were 2 things:

1.) She’s a waitress at some form of space diner. And by that I do in fact mean a literal diner in space.

2.) She’s quiet, and most people think she’s kind of cold, or rude.

From there I was able to think of a setting for the story. I figured the fact that she works at a space diner would mean it’s going to have to take place ages into the future, and possibly on a replacement Earth. The second part I can relate to a lot. People say write what you know, and that’s what I know. I’m not sure if anyone thought I was stuck up or rude for being so quiet and withdrawn, but I know I am.

From there I thought of what I could do with the setting, which ended up in Amelia getting taken along for the joyride of her life by two other characters who she ends up with via less than pleasant means.

That’s honestly all I had. I knew a little of how I wanted her to end up with the two, but little else. I just need to see how the story goes and what I feel as I go.