I’m still writing.

I’m still writing.

This project finished ages ago, or at least it feels like it.

But I’m still writing.

I’m really happy with myself, actually. It was meant to be a short story for school, but after submitting it (I purposefully kept it open ended,) I kept going.

It was supposed to be turned in ten days ago, though…

I feel like part of why it took so long was because it gave me a reason to write, a deadline to meet, and an excuse to write in class or in lab.

I didn’t manage to get in all of the literary devices we were supposed to, though. Partially because I totally forgot to until it was too late, and partially because I just wanted to get it done and submitted already.

But I am writing. In fact I stayed late in the library just for the purpose of writing, which is really nice. I took that idea with the vampire and kinda twisted it and molded it to fit into the idea that short story I wrote a while ago had.

I still want to try my hand at the whole “vamp/human romance” thing (which I know is totally cheesy), but I like where this is going.

Right now it’s about a girl, Elise, who gets pulled into a different universe (it kinda works off of that whole multiverse theory thing, except with magic) and she has to find her way home. I’m honestly only on the fourth page in google docs, but I figure it’s not bad for a short story, especially since I’m nowhere near done yet.

Also I really hope no one from the 20% project is still reading this. Talk about embarrassing, considering this blog has basically turned into my writing journal.

But hey… if you are there… welcome? I guess? and where were you during my actual 20% project?


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